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G.I. Joe: Cobra – Ongoing Vol. 2 #12 (10-copy Retailer Incentive Cover – Antonio Fuso) IDW

Antonio Fuso, David Williams, Mike Costa

COBRA COMMAND AFTERMATH! Devastated by the events in COBRA COMMAND, the team reflects on the life and death of fan-favorite character, CHUCKLES. Meanwhile, the survivors of COBRA COMMAND make peace with horrors of the past… and prepare the horrors of the future.

GI Joe Cobra stood out from IDW’s GI Joe series, shocking and surprising fans, and constantly upping the ante.

Chuckles has gained the trust of Cobra Commander. This issue revolves around him, and the Crimson twins, Tomax and Xamot. What ensues is a well written, intertwining plot in which Xamot makes moves seemingly unapparent to his brother and Cobra Commander.

What I like is that nothing is predictable. This issue comes off as a game of chess with one or more individuals thinking they have the upper hand, when they really don’t. Yet it does this without confusing the reader and without complicating the plot.

What this issue does do, is pull off some major events that no one will see coming. Now shock value is nothing new to GI Joe comics, but I think what’s done in this issue, moves the story forward. The death of a major figure in this issue will leave readers speechless, and this death plants the seeds for subsequent storylines later in the year.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.