Friendly Neighorhood Spider-Man V2 Mystery Date TP Iron Spider Peter David


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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 2: Mystery Date (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2005-2007)) Softcover
by Peter David (Author), Todd Nauck (Illustrator), John Dell (Illustrator), Andrew Hennessy (Illustrator), Robert Campanella (Illustrator), Mike Wieringo (Illustrator)

As the groundbreaking events of Civil War erupt across the Marvel Universe, the shockwaves are being felt everywhere! The consequences of Spider-Man’s allegiances have culminated in the ultimate showdown… with Flash Thompson!? Plus: the shocking return of Mysterio!

Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-16.

Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Marvel

Spider-Man faces Mysterio(s) and Civil War fallout in this collection from Peter David and Todd Nauck. Running concurrently with the Civil War event, this volume features half pro-registration Spider-Man and half anti-registration Spider-Man in two stories that feature Peter at his school after having been revealed as Spider-Man. With his identity revealed to the world, high school teacher Peter Parker finds himself besieged by concerned parents. Though Peter decides to resign, the teleporting mutant Francis Klum opts to use the Mysterio guise to finish off Spider-Man once and for all. Things get complicated when Daniel Berkhart, Mysterio’s successor, shows up to aid Spider-Man; add in the supposedly undead Quentin Beck Mysterio and nothing is quite what is seems. The second half of the graphic novel sees the return of Deb Whitman, who has written a tell-all memoir about her time as Peter Parker’s girlfriend. While Peter stops by to get some answers, the Vulture is unleashed to bring in Spider-Man at the behest of the government. Peter David continues to use humor and tragedy to make entertaining storylines no matter the character of choice. The energetic art of Todd Nauck fits perfectly with David’s script, easily handling three Mysterios, the Iron Spider suit, and an upgraded Vulture design. This arc may be a Mystery Date, but it is one that you can take home to the family.

Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-16. Near mint, 1st print.