Frankenstein Mobster Print by Mark Wheatley SIGNED and NUMBERED (# 205)


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Frankenstein Mobster Print by Mark Wheatley SIGNED and NUMBERED (# 205)

The Frankenstein Mobster is four souls in one patchwork body: Three mobsters and one cop fighting for control. And even if the cop wins, he’ll feel dirty and ashamed of his evil desires. Fighting to uphold the law is hard when you’re also a monster who can turn the city into a living hell.

Mark Wheatley (born May 27, 1954) is an American illustrator, writer, editor, and publisher in the comic book field. Wheatley’s comic book and pulp creations include Breathtaker, Mars, and Blood of the Innocent, all illustrated by his frequent collaborator Marc Hempel. Wheatley has written books, comic books, and television shows, and his illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, comic books, and games.

In 1978, Wheatley founded the Baltimore-based Insight Studios as a design, illustration, and art production studio; he was joined by Marc Hempel in 1980. Since then, Insight has expanded into publishing and has become home for many notable creators, including Frank Cho.

Wheatley has worked as an editor and art director for a number of publishers, and is the inventor of color production technology for comics.

Breck Eisner is set to direct the upcoming Hollywood film adaptation of Blood of the Innocent, a comic book series Wheatley co-created with Rickey Shanklin and Marc Hempel. Inferno Entertainment has acquired underlying rights to the series and is funding development and production of the feature, which is being co-produced with Circle of Confusion.

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