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Contract FCBD (2009) #1
Published May 2009 by First Salvo Productions.

1st Appearance of Jessie Garrett; 1st Appearance of Gene Morgan; 1st Appearance of Panzer; 1st Appearance of Tsumi; Origin Stellar Rangers; Layout Helios Star System

Writers: Thad Brano, Garan Madeiros

Artists: Kevin Sharpe, Thony Sillas, Ariel Padilla, Anthony Cannonier

Welcome to a dark future of capitalism, where Mercenary is no longer just a soldier for hire, but a way of life. Jessie Garrett, however, is everything most Mercs are not. She and her crew of misfits take the contracts most won’t, but with their damaged pasts can they get the job done at all?

As the hard working CEO of the CyberMerc company, The Stellar Rangers, Jessie Garrett needs a break from the daily mercenary rat race. A visit home to visit her father is just what she needs to recharge. But her homecoming is interrupted by an unexpected guest — forcing Jessie to relive just how she became a merc in the first place.

“Coming Home” and “I’m Just a Girl…” Written by Garan Madeiros, Art by Kevin Sharpe. 32 Pages, Full Color.

Near mint, 1st print.