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The following poster has pinholes in it from being hanged. It is otherwise in good shape and has been priced accordingly. Fathom was created by Michael Turner, who said that he found the inspiration from an issue of National Geographic. Aspen Matthews is the main protagonist. Aspen is a Blue/Black hybrid before being adopted by humans (which were unaware of her non-human origins). She eventually became a marine biologist. Aspen has discovered her origins and struggles to find a sense of normalcy while dealing with warlike leaders and conspiracies. Because of her mixed heritage, she finds that she has larger control over water than regular Blue; she ultimately uses her Black abilities to defeat Ragher.

Fathom and Soulfire — two of late comic book creator Michael Turner’s most popular Aspen Comics creations — are set to receive animated adaptations that will kick off a new cinematic universe.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Mythos Studios — the year-old production company helmed by Marvel Studios founding chairman David Maisel and Scooter Braun — has dished on plans to kick off its “TurnerVerse” with animated features based on Fathom and Soulfire. Both films are currently and actively being developed by Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander, directors of Netflix’s Next Gen.

Mythos’ Fathom is being written by Kristin Gore, daughter of former United States Vice President Al Gore and former writer on Futurama and Saturday Night Live. Fathom is Michael Turner’s signature creation. Its first issue was published by Image Comics in 1998. In 2003, the series began being published by Aspen Comics, which Turner founded that year. Fathom revolves around Aspen Matthews, a marine biologist who learns she is actually part of an advanced underwater species called the Blue, which has the power to control water.

Meanwhile, the screenplay for Mythos’ Soulfire is being penned by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt (Star Trek: Discovery, Reign). Also created by Turner, Soulfire made its debut within the pages of Wizard magazine in 2003, with Aspen publishing the title from then on out. Soulfire follows Malikai, an orphan who turns out to be the link to a forgotten age of music. Joined by a winged goddess named Grace, Malikai battles the dark lord of technology in an effort to return magic to the world.

Following Turner’s death in 2008, both Fathom and Soulfire have lived on, with various other creators taking the reins over the years. Now, it appears their next stop is the world of cinema.

“When David and I launched Mythos, we knew we had something really special in both our shared overall vision and the IP we wanted to bring to life,” said Braun. “We are thrilled to have best-in-class creatives and executives to help make these stories a reality.”

Mythos was founded by Maisel and Braun early last year. It was at this point that the company acquired a 50 percent stake in Aspen Comics and first revealed its plans to adapt Fathom and Soulfire for the big screen. Only now, however, have additional details been revealed.

Pinholes not seen in photos.