Fathom 0 NM Top Cow 1998 Michael Turner


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Fathom Wizard Zero (1998) #0
Published Jun 1998 by Top Cow

Writer: Michael Turner
Artist: Michael Turner

Wizard Edition. Issue #0, with gold logo, had Jan. ’00 in the indica and Feb. on the cover.

Aspen Matthews is a beautiful and unusual woman. She has the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer, and the bone flexibility and structure of a fourteen-year-old, even though she is in her twenties. But that is only the beginning of the mysteries surrounding Fathom and her newfound water powers.

Appearing on a boat thought long lost, with no memory of her childhood, Aspen later pursues a career as a marine biologist. While working in an underwater laboratory, she discovers an underwater race—and soon the underwater beings, the U.S. Military, and a Japanese organization are all embroiled in a complex mystery. Both the Japanese and the Americans are interested in a mysterious technology which may somehow involve Aspen and her forgotten past.

Fathom is created and illustrated by Michael Turner, the popular artist known for his work on Witchblade.

Near mint, 1st print.