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Fantastic Four (1998 3rd Series) #2B

Published Feb 1998 by Marvel
Carlos Pacheco Variant cover
Script by Scott Lobdell
Pencils by Alan Davis, inks by Mark Farmer
Cover by Davis & Farmer

Heroes Return. Only the Invisible Woman can see the Iconoclast, only the Invisible Woman poses a threat…so only Susan must die in “Be it Ever So Humble…”.

Featured Characters:
Fantastic Four
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
Franklin Richards
Iconoclast (First appearance)
Billie Lumpkin
Cathy Polombo
Spider-Man (Cameo)
Super-Skrull (Mentioned)
Galactus (Mentioned)
Doctor Doom (Mentioned)
Living Laser (Mentioned)
Crystal (Mentioned)
Thunderbolts (Mentioned)
Alicia Masters (Mentioned)
Lyja (Mentioned)

Setting up operations in their new headquarters of Pier 4 the Fantastic Four have a disastrous misadventure with Reed’s adaptive furniture. While testing it out the devices go haywire when excessive force is used on them causing them to burst as the Thing struggles to get free. Having had enough experiments for one day both the Thing and the Torch decide they need to get out. Ben is incredibly frustrated over the fact that they have not been allowed to move back into their old headquarters, the Four Freedoms Plaza, as it had been taken over by the Thunderbolts during their lengthy absence on Counter-Earth. Both Johnny and Ben storm out not liking the idea of staying at Pier 4 until they meet their new mailwoman, Billie Lumpkin whom both men are instantly smitten by. As they watch this Sue points out that their current situation is Reed’s doing as he made the decision on where they live without consulting the rest of the team, which Sue reminds is more of a family than just a group of super-heroes. As the couple discuss the current situation they are unaware that they are being spied upon by an unseen invader.

Meanwhile at an animal research lab at Empire State University a pair of students are working on an ill money that has a low white cell count. As they decide to call it quits for the night, they are unaware that one of the apes in their cell is intelligent enough to talk and is plotting the downfall of the human race.

Later in the Soho district the thing looks into a display window celebrating the return of Earth’s heroes, a display that features sculptures done by his ex-girlfriend Alicia Masters. His thoughts about how Alicia is better off without him are cut short when he is interrupted by the Human Torch. Johnny suggests to Ben that since they are both back on the market they should go out looking to meet some new ladies. Ben reluctantly agrees to tag along despite Johnny’s constant teases about his appearance and a huge dumping of snow landing on his head courtesy of Johnny’s flame powers. Johnny pushes the final button by dressing Ben up like a snow man causing Ben to lose his temper and chase the Torch down the street.

Back at Pier Four, Reed and Sue are putting Franklin to bed when suddenly they are approached by the mysterious stalker — a being calling itself Iconoclast who apparently only Sue can see. Because of this, Iconoclast sees Sue as a threat and tries to blast her, but she shields herself, Reed and Franklin from his energy blast. Sue rams Iconoclast outside and Reed tires to help her fight this foe that he cannot see, to no avail. From his room Franklin activates the Fantasti-Flare which summons Ben and Johnny back to headquarters. Meanwhile, Reed is getting pummeled by their foe who only Sue can fight off. When Johnny and Ben arrive, Reed has Johnny uses his heat powers to make Iconoclast at least visible to their eyes. But try as they might to fight off their foe. Sue finally realizes that Iconoclast’s cloaking device is vulnerable to water and uses her powers to toss him into the river causing a massive explosion. Reed quickly pulls out his scanning devices to search for traces of Iconoclast but finds none. The Four then begin to wonder what the attack was all about, unaware that their foe survived and is still watching them from close by.

Mention is made to how the Thunderbolts now live in the Four Freedoms Plaza.

The Fantastic Four’s MCU debut is expected to be the climax of Phase Four. A new theory speculates that Ant-Man paved the way for their arrival. One fan theory builds upon what people already know about the MCU to create a surprisingly convincing option: that Hank Pym inadvertently created the quartet back in the 1980s.

Here’s Why We’re Excited About the Upcoming Fantastic 4 MCU Movie

Marvel’s First Family is returning to the big screen. Here’s what we’re excited for their MCU introduction.

After two live-action interpretations of The Fantastic Four from 20th Century Fox, Marvel’s First Family will finally appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Fantastic Four film reboot was announced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. In late 2020, Feige also revealed that Spider-Man director, Jon Watts, will be directing the film.

While The Fantastic Four may be beloved in the world of comics, their cinematic counterparts have not received the same amount of love. The poor reception and financial performance of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) played a factor in the series’ cancellation. It also led to the disaster that is the 2015 Fantastic Four. With Marvel Studios reinterpreting The Fantastic Four, fans hope that the iconic Marvel characters will finally be done justice. Here is why we are excited about Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man trilogy concluded in spectacular fashion with Spider-Man: No Way Home. A follow-up is currently in development, but it is not known whether Watts will return to direct the fourth Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since 2017, Sony stuck to a two-year gap between Spider-Man films. But with the recent conclusion of a trilogy, it is possible Sony will take a longer hiatus to plan for Spider-Man’s future.

Watts will instead be shifting his focus towards directing Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four reboot. In fact, he will be the first director to direct two non-Avengers film franchises for Marvel Studios. The Spider-Man film trilogy contains some great character development, emotional beats, fantastic drama and action, and overall charm. As such, bringing someone like Watts with his talents and experience working on several Marvel films (all of which were very successful) leads us to believe Fantastic Four could also be a great superhero movie.

Fans of superhero films may view Blade, X-Men, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man as pioneers of the modern superhero genre. Additionally, it is Iron Man that successfully launched the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in Marvel Comics, The Fantastic Four effectively marked the first superhero team from artist Jack Kirby and editor Stan Lee. Consequently, The Fantastic Four are referred to as Marvel’s “First Family.”

Originally appearing in The Fantastic Four #1, a comic published in 1961, The Fantastic Four predates characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men. More than the Avengers, The Fantastic Four are and behave more like a family. They are a smaller team of four composed of a couple in Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Susan Storm (the Invisible Woman), Sue’s brother Johnny (the Human Torch), and Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm (The Thing). Moreover, Grimm often feels like a surrogate brother or uncle in the family.

The family dynamic of The Fantastic Four will bring something new to the MCU. The Guardians of the Galaxy also have a strong family dynamic, but they are much different characters with a very different energy. Many of the Avengers in Phase 4 have not yet established strong bonds with each other. On the other hand, The Fantastic Four are always experiencing the crazy world of Marvel together.

Doctor Doom is one of the best super villains of all time. Unfortunately, Doom has yet to be featured in a live-action film that showcases the true potential of the character. In the world of comics, Doom’s presence is comparable to the likes of iconic characters such as Darth Vader; he is a powerhouse not just in terms of physical prowess, but he is also a genius. Indeed, Doom is a mastermind that is unafraid to challenge anyone, constantly picking fights with the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Victor von Doom’s intelligence rivals that of Tony Stark and perhaps even surpasses it. The powers of both technology and mystic energy make Doom one of the most formidable foes in all of Marvel.

For over a decade, Marvel Studios has been making films based on both well-known and obscure superheroes—to, more significantly, both critical and financial success. Despite initial concerns that audiences would eventually lose interest, Marvel fans continue to tune in to the television series on Disney+ and watch films like Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters even during a pandemic. Audience interest in new Marvel Studios productions clearly shows no signs of stopping.

Marvel Studios has proven that they learn from their own successes and failures while simultaneously learning from other studios. This will allow them to avoid repeating the previous mistakes of 20th Century Fox with Fantastic Four.

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