Fantastic Four Poster #35 Susan Richards and Ben Grimm Steve McNiven


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The touch of a beautiful woman…something poor Ben Grimm has rarely experienced since being turned into a giant rock monster. You would think with Reed’s genius he would have figured out a way for Ben to deactivate his powers. Invisible Woman has primarily appeared in issues of Fantastic Four. Susan’s initial power of invisibility proved to be of minor consequence in the team’s early missions, especially compared to the abilities of the others in the group. Eventually, the creators expanded Sue’s abilities, giving her the power to render other objects and people invisible and create strong force fields and psionic blasts. Despite her enhanced abilities, Susan served primarily as an assistant and second-in-command to Reed in the early years of the series. This changed when John Byrne began his run on the title. Under his authorship, Sue became more confident and assertive in her abilities which became more versatile and impressive. For instance, she found she could use her force field abilities to manipulate matter through the air, immobilize enemies, or administer long-range attacks. Susan changed her nom de guerre to Invisible Woman, and is now recognized as one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

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