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Family Bones (2006) #1
Published 2006 by KING TRACTOR PRESS

“The Arrival” by Shawn Granger with art by Orlando Baez.
Covers by Dan Howard & Dimiter Bochucov.

B&W, 36 pages, standard paper stock. Cover price $3.50.

“Family Bones” tells the tale of Sean, a troubled teen who gets more than bargained for when sent to his aunt and uncle’s farm for the summer.

Ray and Faye Copeland were the oldest couple in America to ever be sentenced to death; they were in their late 60’s. They were tried for the crimes of serial killing many men in Missouri after a long investigation. The couple would pick up drifters and seasonal farm workers, bring them to work on the farm and murder them. Each person was enticed to the farm with promises of work, free food and board, and a cut of the money Ray received from a cow loan scam. Faye made quilts out of their clothes.

“When you try to tell a story that hits so close to home, such as ‘Family Bones’, its hard not to get conflicted about it” Shawn said. “There are so many sides to life and I didn’t want to sensationalize anything. Reality can be scary enough. I worked really hard to give the readers an insight to the hidden horrors that you can’t see behind the curtains. When the lights go out, what really happens in the darkness of your neighbors’ homes? Do you even know what’s happening right now in your own family?”

“Family Bones” is based on the true story of the oldest married couple on Missouri’s death row, as experienced one summer by their unwitting nephew. In Family Bones, rebellious teen Sean is shuttled from one family member to the next, finally landing at the farm owned by his elderly Aunt and Uncle. There, the city boy must quickly adapt to the rigors of farm life. Sean must also adjust to the emotional and physical abuse that Uncle Ray visits upon his wife and nephew. He meets Wendy, the neighbor’s daughter, and together they struggle to solve the bloody mysteries happening on the farm and survive.

“I really like meeting the fans,” Mr. Granger said. Ray Copeland was Shawn’s great great uncle on his mother’s side. Ray’s sister, Shawn’s great grandmother, still lives in Arkansas. “I love to tell stories and have many about my Uncle Ray that aren’t even in the books yet. And it’s amazing how many people come up to me to tell of the bones in their own family closet,” Shawn said.

Near mint, 1st print.