Exiles Poster # 1 Jim Calafiore Blink Hulk Spider-Man 2099 Universe


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From Exiles: Longshot, Blink, Sabretooth, Morph with Spider-Man 2099, Doom 2099, Punisher 2099, Hulk 2099, X-Men 2099 (Bloodhawk, Cerebra, Junkpile, Krystalin, La Lunatica, Meanstreak, Metalhead, Serpentina, Sham, Skullfire, Xi-an), Fantastic Four 2099, Ghost Rider 2099 and Ravage 2099! The Exiles consists of characters from different dimensions, or realities, which have been removed from time and space in order to correct problems (often called “hiccups”) in various alternate worlds and divergent timelines in the Marvel Multiverse. During the “World Tour” of hunting down Proteus, Mimic is possessed by Proteus and dies, forcing the Exiles to pick up new members Longshot, Spider-Man 2099, and Power Princess to restore their diminished numbers.

Near mint condition.