Excalibur Poster # 3 Sword is Drawn Alan Davis CLASSIC! Captain Britain Kitty Pryde


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Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Captain Britain, Phoenix, Meggan and Widget! Other teams are founded, but Excalibur was forged. The machinations of Omniversal guardian Roma, following a plan prepared by her late father Merlyn, brought together X-Men Nightcrawler and Shadowcat, who were recovering from injuries on Muir Island, with British heroes Captain Britain and Meggan, who were grieving over the apparent death of Brian’s sister Betsy and the rest of the X-Men in Dallas. The escape of Phoenix (Rachael Summers) from Mojo’s realm served as a catalyst to unite the five as a team, initially working together to prevent both Roma’s agents the Technet and Mojo’s Warwolves from recapturing his former prisoner. The group set up base in Captain Britain’s lighthouse home, though from the start individual members experienced several reality slips within the structure. Elsewhere in the U.K., the mysterious, robot-like Widget was also inadvertently facilitating travel between realities. Set in England, Excalibur pivoted mainly on cross-dimensional capers (including several Lewis Carroll-ish stories featuring the Crazy Gang and the bizarre team called the Technet) based on Alan Moore’s Captain Britain stories of early 1980s. Alan Davis’ artwork showed at its best on this series, thanks to effective inks provided by Paul Neary and, later, Mark Farmer.

Near mint condition.