Evil Ernie # 1 NM Suydam Cover B Dynamite Chaos! 1st print Scott Lobdell Ariel M


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Evil Ernie (2021 Dynamite) #1B

Published Dec 2021 by Dynamite Entertainment
Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Ariel Medel
Cover by Arthur Suydam
32 pages, full color

Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents an all-new Evil Ernie #1, written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Ariel Medel! Featuring two amazing covers: The King of the Undead — Arthur Suydam and amazing superhero artist Brett (Titans) Booth! After EARNEST GLECKMAN is mortally wounded, he discovers he must ‘pay down his new lease on life’ by serving as a part time fixer for a death cult. Each time he manifests his dark side as EVIL ERNIE it becomes harder to maintain his tenuous grip on his inherently good humanity.

One of the more tepid rumors i’ve come across lately is that an Evil Ernie movie is “in the works” – not a lot of solid leads to go off. However, horror-movies.ca recently spoke to Brian Pulido (President of Chaos Comics) and had this to say:

“A live action Evil Ernie has got to be the coolest undone horror movie of all time.” He goes on to say that he can’t talk about what specific studio he’s in talks with, but he say’s “Something definately is happening.” What studio could he be in talks with?? Hmmm.. here’s a clue; “It’s a moderate size studio, which would allow us a lot of freedom, cause Evil Ernies gotta be a (hard R)”.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.