Elektra v2 # 1b NM 1997 v Bullseye Peter Milligan X-Cellent Netflix MCU Disney+


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Elektra (1996 1st Series) #1B

Published Nov 1996 by Marvel.

Cover pencils by Mike Deodato Jr., inks by Deodato Studios. Afraid of the Dark, script by Peter Milligan, pencils by Mike Deodato Jr., inks by Deodato Studios; Daredevil broke her heart, Bullseye killed her, and the Hand orchestrated her resurrection—now the beautiful assassin is taking control of her life in her own ongoing title!; This landmark issue establishes Elektra’s new life, introduces a new cast of characters, and brings back a very old yearning to kill! Promo for Time Slip books, art by Guy Davis, John Paul Leon, and John K. Snyder III. 44 pgs., full color.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.