Electronic Gaming Monthly 219 NM Halo 3 Cvr Metroid Prime 3 LittleBigPlanet


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No address on cover. Three page article on the so-called death of hardcore games, The Survival Game 2 article, Heavenly Sword three page preview, two page Skate preview, two page LittleBigPlanet’s Pete Wilson interview, four page Metroid Prime 3 Corruption preview, two page John Woo’s Stranglehold preview, three page article on the Hollywood / game industry collide, Halo 3 single player ten page feature, Halo 3 multiplayer nine page feature, Mario Strikers Charged review, Lair PS3 review, Lair’s Julian Eggebrecht interview, Stuntman Ignition review, Dynasty Warriors Gundam review, Nascar 08 review, Blue Dragon two page review, Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 review, Guitar Hero Encore Rock the 80’s review, Jeanne D’Arc review, Picross DS review, Brain Age 2 review, Heroes of Mana review, Luminous Arc DS review, two page history of 2D, Hsu & Chan strip.