Dreams of Dawn 1/2 Wizard w/ COA J M Linsner Sirius


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Dreams of Dawn is an eclectic and seemingly random series of four panels per page images utilizing a great number of different styles of artistic techniques to tell the story of Dawn’s troubled dream that alerts her to the death of her followers on Earth. Cernunnos seemingly inspires the dream in sleeping Dawn rather than wake her. It’s his way of passing on the message of her followers suicide as depicted in the Dawn volume Return of the Goddess and serves as a prologue to that series. Each page contains the artistic efforts of a number of Linsner’s collaborators making for a very diverse and unusual addition to the Dawn universe. Includes art from Dan Parent, Frank Cho, Jason Shawn Alexander, Jill Thompson, Kyle Hotz, Mark Crilley, Roel, the Fillbach Brothers, Jason Asala, Jeff Lafferty, Josef Szekeres, Kevin J. Taylor, Lance Tooks, Mark Smylie and Scott Morse. Near mint. First Printing. Wizard 1/2 special from issue #93.Very hard to find issue. Has certificate of authenticity. Dawn is a character created by comic book artist Joseph Michael Linsner. She first appeared on the cover of Cry for Dawn #1 (December 1989) before being featured in her own one-shot drama from new publisher Sirius Entertainment, and then the mini-series Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo, Dawn: Return of the Goddess, and Dawn: Three Tiers. Dawn is the goddess of birth and rebirth. While her appearance depends on who is viewing her, she is generally depicted as a young, red-haired woman with three “tears” running from her left eye (and two running from her right eye, on the few occasions that it has been shown); during the witch hunt, witches were discovered to only cry from their left eyes. She also has a rose on one wrist and a chain on the other. The rose represents Hell, and although it has beauty, it only pricks and hurts a person; the chain represents Heaven because a person can only go so far before they are stopped short by its restrictions. Dawn is the guardian of all the witches on Earth, and the goddess to whom they pray. Joseph Michael Linsner (born December 13, 1968) is an American comic book writer-artist-colorist best known for his mature-audiences supernatural character Dawn, who first appeared in Cry for Dawn #1 (1989), self-published by Cry for Dawn Productions (CFD), owned by publisher Joseph Monks (co-creator of Dawn).

Near mint. First Printing. Wizard 1/2 special from issue #93.Very hard to find issue. Has certificate of authenticity.