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This listing is for the Doctor Cyborg TPB and the Doctor Cyborg CD! DOCTOR CYBORG: OUTPATIENT TPB – (Allan Gross/Mike Oeming/Adrian Salmon/Neil Vokes/John Staton) Malcolm Syberg has created powerful devices that could be used as weapons of mass destruction. If Malcolm lets himself be used by the government, they will grant his every wish. But his inventions would be pushing the world closer to the brink of disaster. Has Doctor Cyborg been released from the sanitarium prematurely? He is set loose in a world run by a shadow government and has become the prey of an assassin known as Genocide Jane. But his greatest danger could come from the woman he is falling in love with. 96 pgs. PLUS A cd full of songs by Allan Gross (writer of Doctor Cyborg) featuring a Doctor Cyborg song, a Genocide Jane song, and songs about conspiracies. Rock Out With Dr. Cyborg. DOCTOR CYBORG’S SONIC CYBORGASMS! 14 song music CD! What’s better than a new graphic novel featuring Mike Oeming’s in-your-face art? A new Mike Oeming graphic novel AND a music CD featuring blow your face out power punk by Doctor Cyborg writer Allan Gross. And be sure to check out the DOCTOR CYBORG: OUTPATIENT (I will have them in stock next week, email me to reserve one!) Let’s face it. Where would Batman or Spider-Man be without their theme songs? The CD, DOCTOR CYBORG’S SONIC CYBORGASMS features a rocking Doctor Cyborg theme song that you’ll be humming while you read the 96 page graphic novel. And that’s not all. It’s followed up by 13 more songs recorded by Allan Gross (lead vocals, lyrics, guitar) throughout his career playing music in clubs, colleges and seedy frat houses up and down the East Coast. (See links at bottom for previews of the songs.) The limited edition CD features Oeming’s cover art from the Graphic Novel. The songs had reached the airwaves on college stations and local music shows on major radio stations in the Washington D.C. area, but this is the first collection anywhere. “We wanted to do something really special to promote DOCTOR CYBORG: OUTPATIENT. And since Westfield has always been a huge supporter of the work done through Insight Studios and Image Comics, this seemed like a great way to give something back,” said writer Allan Gross. “We’re excited to be doing this promotion with Allan,” says Westfield’s Roger Ash. “It’s a great way to help bring attention to DOCTOR CYBORG: OUTPATIENT and it’s something really special to offer to our customers.” The music is somewhere between the Ramones and Elvis Costello, with a hard driving punk pop beat and lyrics that Gross calls his “second best writing”. They range from upbeat fun songs (“Running from the Law”) to scathing social satire (“Marry for Money”) and love songs that strip away every last fa├žade of emotional fascism (“The Final Battle”). Several relate directly to the Doctor Cyborg material, including “Genocide Jane”, a haunting acoustic ballad about the agent from an organization so secret that no one knows its name. And there’s also an “Ode to Conspiracy” which in many ways defines the emotions of conspiracy theorists, who search for answers in the hope that they will somehow help them make sense of their own tragic lives. This only seems fitting from the author of DOCTOR CYBORG: OUTPATIENT, a unique story based on a science fiction conspiracy theory framework, that provides a suspenseful and romantic action adventure. Music and comic book characters have been united in the past. And many comic book creators are talented musicians. It was finally time to make the ultimate “crossover”. Westfield has always been pro-active in exposing the comic book world to new talent and trends. This is just another step, which may even help to broaden the comic book market. This CD is a unique event. But it won’t be the last. Who knows? Maybe one day, all comics will come with CDs? And then perhaps, all CDs will come with comics! In fact, there are plans in the works for a CD of music completely based on Insight Studios’ characters. Songs that didn’t make this CD include a theme song for Mark Wheatley’s Frankenstein Mobster, and a couple from other daily strips that run or have run at the Insight Studios Group web pages ( These include Cryptozoo Crew and The Body. Many people don’t know it, but Insight Studios is brimming with musical talent. Insight Studios guru Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster, Hammer of the Gods, Breathtaker) is a creative songwriter, singer and keyboardist. He has also created theme songs for some of his other creations, such as Mars and Radical Dreamer. And Marc Hempel (Naked Brain, TUG & buster, Sandman) is a talented drummer who has been involved in numerous 60’s revival projects. Rumor has it they might follow up the CDs with a tour of major comic book conventions. And who knows, they might even get Mike Oeming up on stage to do his best Jim Morrison impression! Of course, that is just a rumor

Near mint, 1st print. Cyborgasms CD included!