Dawn Poster # 6 by Joseph Michael Linser Black Tears Of


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This mysterious, beautiful redhead debuted on the cover of the 1989 horror anthology Cry For Dawn #1, which Joseph Michael Linsner collaborated on with Joseph M.Monks. Linsner’s vision was to create “a goddess of birth and rebirth,” to combine “pin-up art, with deep heart and soul.” As a being who can travel to Heaven and Hell and all points in between, Dawn dances in and out of the lives of both mortals and gods alike. She normally acts as a catalyst in human affairs, or an impartial observer or messenger in the affairs of God and Lucifer. Linsner has been drawing her in one form or another since highschool. “She started out in Cry For Dawn #1 as a Vanna White-type hostess, introducing the stories,” he says. “After the first issue, I felt really uncomfortable with that because, deep down, I knew she was going to find her place somewhere else. So after Cry For Dawn #1, she only appeared on the covers.”

Near mint condition.