Dark Avengers Poster # 8 Ms Marvel vs Dark Ms. Marvel Sana Takeda


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Norman Osborn approached Moonstone to offers her a spot on the Dark Avengers. She is given the codename of Ms. Marvel as well as her original costume (reclaimed from Ultra Girl) after the real Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) refuses to follow Osborn. Moonstone’s powers are derived from a Kree gravity stone (found on Earth’s moon) which is charged with unknown energy and bonded to her nervous system. She can use the stone to fly, and to become intangible so as to pass through solid objects (while intangible she is immune even to some magic-based attacks). She can project laser-like energy beams from her hands (able to penetrate steel plate), and has also shown the ability to discharge non-coherent light omni-directionally in a blinding flash. Additionally, her bond with the stone grants her superhuman strength, stamina, speed and reflexes. In addition to the powers she wields by virtue of her bond with the gravity stone, Karla Sofen has extensive knowledge of psychology and psychiatry, and has an M.D., specializing in psychiatry. She often uses this expertise to manipulate those around her for personal gain.

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