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Danger Girl (1998) #5
Published Jul 1999 by Image

Standard cover, sun in background. Cover pencils by J. Scott Campbell, inks by Alex Garner. “Dangerous When Wet!”, script by J. Scott Campbell (plot) and Andy Hartnell (script), pencils by J. Scott Campbell, inks by Alex Garner

Major Maxim’s troops plant bombs on the outer shell of the Danger Yacht; They steal the shield and battle Deuce; The troops make off with their treasure; The boat gets destroyed with Deuce aboard; Abbey, Silicon and Eddy cling to the cliff face, and the open sea is their only means of escape; Secret Agent Zero appears, explaining that Deuce had sent him to rescue them; Elsewhere, Sydney and Johnny Barracuda are tied up in a basement with Falcon. 36 pgs., full color.


Move over Wonder Woman! The producers behind the Resident Evil movies have nabbed the rights to J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell’s hit comic series, Danger Girl, with an eye towards developing the property into a strong female-led franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Constantin Films is joining forces with Jeremy Bolt’s Bolt Pictures and Hitman movie producer Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films to produce movies and TV shows based on the comic book title, which was launched in 1998 by Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Comics imprint. Campbell and Hartnell will executive produce. No writers or directors have been attached as of yet.

Meant to be a mix of Indiana Jones, Charlie’s Angels, and James Bond, Danger Girl followed the adventures of treasure hunter Abbey Chase, who is recruited by a secret organization led by a former MI-6 agent named Deuce, and paired up with operatives Sydney Savage and Natalia Kasstle. The kick-ass female trio went on far-reaching adventures around the globe to retrieve mystical artifacts, while keeping them from falling into the evil hands of the Hammer Syndicate.

The road to bring Danger Girl to the big screen has been a long and rocky one. The movie was set up at New Line back in 1998 with Campbell and Hartnell writing the script and Stephen Norrington (Blade) directing. In 2012, production company BenderSpink was apparently shopping the movie rights around with Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale, and Sofia Vergara attached to star.

Askarieh himself has been working on the property since at least 2010, with Todd Lincoln (The Apparition, V/H/S Viral) attached to helm the movie at the time. It was Askarieh who brought Danger Girl to Bolt and Constantin, after signing a first look deal. So it seems the stars are finally aligned for the project.

Bolt said in a statement: “Danger Girl is the perfect opportunity to create a team of grounded, relatable, and dangerous young female characters, but with humor and spectacular action”.

Near mint, 1st print.