Crossroads Magazine Summer 2019 XRDS Vol 25 # 4 Computer Science & Sports ACM


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The Crossroads is Theological College’s seasonal community magazine which is distributed to alumni, friends, bishops, and vocation directors. Each issue shares news about the seminary and its students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as special events and happenings at TC and CUA.

The Crossroads is published biannually by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

More than ever, computer science researchers and practitioners are playing an important role in helping to shape the future of sports as a platform for entertainment, competition, education, and well-being. The application of technology and computer science within the sports world has been powered by the evolution of wearable and portable devices, as well as the ability to comprehend visual and statistical information. It is also important to mention the significant financial investment from media companies to acquire and share data on players, teams, and matches, which has been motivated by the possibility of enriching viewer experience during live sports broadcasts. The relationship between computer science and sports has changed professional basketball, tennis, football, hockey, cricket, and soccer.

Teams and trainers are also using data from matches to improve on-field performance. Technology and artificial intelligence can be beneficial for exploring raw data and building reliable physical and tactical training programs based on the available information. These applications are also in line with the adoption of cameras and video technology for refereeing.

This issue presents the digital evolution of physical competition, covering the historical perspectives of CS applications within sports; how emerging technologies can be used to incentivize not only the practice of sport but also physical activity; how technology can be used to improve experiences for athletes with disabilities; how virtual and augmented reality are circumventing physical and athletic requirements to extend the human body into the realm of “superhuman” sports; and how the impact of eSports has influenced the gaming industry in the past years.

Our aim is to showcase emerging work that represents the dynamic and evolving landscape of computer science and sports, at the personal and professional levels.

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