Creeps 2 NM Image Comics Signed by Tom Mandrake 1st print


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Creeps (2001) #2
Published Dec 2001 by Image

(W) Tom Mandrake
(A) Dan Mishkin

When you’re nothing but a Creep, the world doesn’t care if you live or die. And when Creeps of all shapes and sizes begin to disappear from the city’s streets, there’s no one who will lift a finger to help…except other Creeps. Creeps with special abilities. Creeps who know evil when they see it, and aren’t afraid to call it by name. Homeless and on the run, their closest friends missing or murdered, the Creeps search out a truth so terrible that even they will be horrified by it. Because Genesys Corporation has a plan for the Creeps that takes horror to a new level. It’s a plan fueled by corporate greed, which sometimes creates the scariest bogeymen of all. In this issue, you’ll also meet Gurgle, the amphibian monstrosity who only wants to be loved, and Chitter, the man (or is he?) of a thousand bugs. Plus: a scene that may keep you out of the charity thrift store for good! FC, 32pg.

Signed by Tom Mandrake. Near mint, 1st print.