Chastity Poster # 3 NM Chaos Comics CPS03 24×32″ (Seal intact)


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Chastity is a fictional horror and superhero comic-book character created by writer Brian Pulido and artist Steven Hughes. She first appeared in Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell #1 (October 1995). Originally produced and published by Chaos! Comics, Chastity and the Chaos! library of characters are now owned and published by Dynamite Entertainment. Chastity is a punk rock fan turned vampire. Undetectable to other vampires and spiteful toward her fellow occult beings, she became an assassin and slayer of vampires. Chastity was one of the most popular “bad girls” among a trend in 1990s comic books.

Initially appearing as a guest character in an Evil Ernie miniseries, Chastity went on to star in her first miniseries in 1997, Theatre of Pain. Four more miniseries, several one-shots and guest appearances followed through 2002, when Chaos! Comics ceased publishing due to bankruptcy. The Chaos! line was sold to comics retailer Tales of Wonder, which then sold them to Devil’s Due Publishing. Though other Chaos! characters appeared in titles published by Devil’s Due, Chastity did not.

Never opened. Bought when Chaos went bankrupt. Has been sitting safely, unused ever since. Still in original poster plastic sleeve with poster name and UPC sticker.