Captain America Poster #52 Comics # 1 vs Hitler Bucky by Joe Simon Jack Kirby


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by Joe Simon, Jack Kirby and Kai Spannuth! Captain America Comics #1 — cover-dated March 1941 and on sale December 20, 1940, a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but a full year into World War II — showed the protagonist punching Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the jaw; it sold nearly one million copies. While most readers responded favorably to the comic, some took objection. Simon noted, “When the first issue came out we got a lot of… threatening letters and hate mail. Some people really opposed what Cap stood for.” The threats, which included menacing groups of people loitering out on the street outside of the offices, proved so serious that police protection was posted with New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia personally contacting Simon and Kirby to give his support. Adolf Hitler was a major antagonist in Marvel comics, especially in stories concerning WWII – like many characters in Marvel he was very different from his real-world inspiration, being arguably even more wild and crazed as well as incompetent: in official Marvel lore Adolf Hitler also suffered a very different fate from his real-world counterpart as he was murdered by the android Human Torch. Adolf Hitler is survived however by Hate-Monger, who is Adolf Hitler’s clone turned semi-cosmic entity. I have a slightly different version of this poster. Look for Captain America Poster #31.

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