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Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Origin (1999) #3B

Published Mar 1999 by Dark Horse
Created by Joss Whedon
Written by Dan Brereton and Christopher Golden
Art by Joe Bennett and Rick Ketcham
32 pages, Full color

Having suffered the tragic loss of her Watcher, Merrick, Buffy must now face the terror of Lothos the vampire on her own . . . well, not quite alone. She’s got Pike around to help her. Of course, it all goes down on the same night as the dance, and nothing’s going to keep her away from that. Not after she bought that perfect dress . . . she’s gonna knock’ em dead! The final installment of the comics adaptation of Joss Whedon’s original screenplay for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer feature film. Don’t miss it!

The Origin, Part Three is the third and final issue of The Origin comic book miniseries. Written by Dan Brereton with Christopher Golden and illustrated by Joe Bennett.

Bear witness to teenager Buffy Summers’s transformation from simple high school student to super Vampire Slayer! Follow Buffy’s trials and tribulations as she comes to accept her destined role to thwart the legions of the undead from spreading their veil of evil across Los Angeles. Adapted from creator Joss Whedon’s original screenplay from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer feature film, The Origin updates the material to match the tone and characters of the hit television series, making this the official Buffy launching pad!

The events take place before Buffy moves from Los Angeles to Sunnydale (“Welcome to the Hellmouth”).
Buffy burns the school gym, as principal Robert Flutie would eventually observe from her permanent record (“Welcome to the Hellmouth”).
The adventures of Buffy and Pike in Las Vegas are eventually shown in the “Viva Las Buffy!” arc.
Willow Rosenberg refers to Los Angeles’s events as from one year before, making the final scene some time in 1997.

Rupert Giles
Alexander Harris
Jeffrey Kramer
Merrick (Only mentioned)
Gary Murray
Willow Rosenberg
Buffy Summers

Unlike the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, the comic’s story is canon. About this, Joss Whedon has stated: “The origin comic, though I have issues with it, CAN pretty much be accepted as canonical. They did a cool job of combining the movie script (the SCRIPT) with the series, that was nice, and using the series Merrick and not a certain OTHER thespian referring to Donald Sutherland who shall remain hated.”

The photo cover features a promotional picture taken for Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1.

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