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In revolutionary battle are Tarrant (Steven Pacey), Dayna (Josette Simon), Avon (Paul Darrow), Cally (Jan Chappell) and Vila (Michael Keating) the rogues, criminals and con men who are part of Blake’s 7. Blake’s 7 is a British science fiction television series produced by the BBC for broadcast on BBC1. Four 13-episode series of Blake’s 7 were broadcast between 1978 and 1981. It was created by Terry Nation, who was also creator of the Daleks for Doctor Who. The series is set in a future age of interstellar travel and follows the exploits of a group of renegades and convicted criminals. Gareth Thomas played the eponymous character Roj Blake, a political dissident who is arrested, tried and convicted on false charges, and then deported from Earth to a prison planet. He and two fellow prisoners, treated as expendable, are sent to board and investigate an abandoned alien spacecraft. They get the ship working, commandeer it, rescue two more prisoners, and are joined by an alien guerrilla with telepathic abilities. In their attempts to stay ahead of their enemies and inspire others to rebel, they encounter a wide variety of cultures on different planets, and are forced to confront human and alien threats. The group conducts a campaign against the totalitarian Terran Federation until an intergalactic war occurs. Blake disappears and Kerr Avon then leads the group. When their spacecraft is destroyed and one group member dies, they commandeer an inferior craft and a base on a distant planet, from which they continue their campaign. In the final episode Avon finds Blake and, suspecting him of betraying the group, kills him. The group is then shot by Federation guards, who surround Avon in the final scene. Del Tarrant portrayed by Steven Pacey (series 3-4). Tarrant is an expert pilot who trained with the Federation before turning to illegal activities. He is ruthless and charming, and often challenges Avon’s leadership. He also takes advantage of Vila’s cowardice, whom he bullies into carrying out his instructions. Dayna Mellanby portrayed by Josette Simon (series 3-4). The daughter of former dissident Hal Mellanby, Dayna is an expert in weapons technology. She is adept at designing mechanised weapons, but also appreciates the nobility of what she describes as more ‘primitive’ combat. Brave and loyal, but at times reckless and naive, she is often seen successfully challenging men who are supposedly accomplished fighters. Kerr Avon portrayed by Paul Darrow (series 1-4). Avon is an electronics and computer expert who once attempted to steal 500 million credits from the Federation banking system. He distrusts emotion, and he attempts to pursue a code based on logic and reason. This frequently brings him into conflict with Blake. He becomes a reluctant rebel, agreeing to participate only on the basis that he will control Liberator once the Federation is destroyed. At times he appears motivated by financial gain and shows his readiness to put companions in danger in order to protect himself. He has an ambiguous and sometimes playful relationship with Servalan. Avon appears in 51 of the series’ 52 episodes, being only absent in the first episode “The Way Back”. Cally portrayed by Jan Chappell (series 1-3). Cally is a guerrilla fighter from the planet Auron. She is a telepath, like all of her people, who can transmit thoughts silently to others. She later develops mindreading, telekinesis and precognition abilities, but is also uniquely vulnerable to telepathic control by alien forces. Vila Restal portrayed by Michael Keating (series 1-4). Vila is a skilled thief, lock-picker and conjurer and is usually reluctant to risk his life. His behaviour is often cowardly, and although other crew members regard him as tiresome, he has a high IQ. He has weaknesses for alcohol and women, and increasingly comes close to breaking the fourth wall whilst apparently talking to himself on screen. Vila is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.

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