Black Panther Poster # 4 Gabriele Dell’Otto Secret War


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Gabriele Dell’Otto (born December 20, 1973) is an Italian illustrator and author whose works have been published in several countries in the fields of scientific illustration, calendars, lithographies, books, colored graphic folders, and cover work for magazines and video games. At the conclusion of the superhero Civil War the Wakanda embassy in New York was destroyed, leaving T’Challa without a home while in the city. At the same time Reed and Sue Richards decided to “take a break” from the Fantastic Four, leaving an opening on the team. T’Challa and Ororo accepted Richards’ offer to stay in the Baxter Building and along with the Thing and the Human Torch formed a new Fantastic Four. During their time with the team, they encountered Galactus and defeated his heralds Silver Surfer and Stardust, traveled to alternate realities, fought a new Frightful Four, and saved Eternity from dying with the help of Doctor Strange. They also stayed and fought alongside the entire Fantastic Four against the Hulk and his Warbound. Though they fought hard, they were eventually defeated along with many others. It was after this event that T’Challa and Ororo decided they had been away from their duties long enough bidding farewell to their allies and departed on good terms.

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