Bionic Man vs Bionic Woman 3 NM 1:10 Eliopoulos Incentive Cover Keith Champagne


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BIONIC MAN VS BIONIC WOMAN #3 DYNAMITE Chris Eliopoulos 1:10 Incentive Variant

(W) Keith Champagne
(A) Jose Luis
(CA) Chris Eliopoulos

The Bionic gloves come off as Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers throw down, each needing to defeat the other in order to save his or her life.

In the 1970’s, in the mind of a pre-teen boy, there was no better show on television than The Six Million Dollar Man. I absolutely loved the show and Colonel Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman, and Dr. Rudy Wells. Then, two years later, along came The Bionic Woman, starring Jaime Sommers. This shows was also on the top of my list for shows I had to watch. I even liked the bionic German Shepherd, Maximillion, that was on Jaime’s show. So, I have quite a history with these shows and have been waiting for a movie to made for the last twenty years. What is taking so long? Come on, Hollywood! Well, at least someone was smart enough to make some comic books on these wonderful characters.

The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman does a great job of portraying these 1970’s characters in our modern world. If you look back at the television shows today, you will find them to be pretty cheesy. But the concepts of the shows were strong, which is why it has come out in comic book form today. The artwork by Jose Luis is quite well done, although I thought it improbable that there would be a twelve-foot giant running around with a nuclear reactor in his chest.

As for Steve and Jaime, I really liked some of the upgrades that the writer, Keith Champagne, came up with. The story was quite entertaining and the pace of the book was quick. These are characters that I will always love and I feel like the writer did a great job of portraying them. Even to this day, I get excited when I see Lee Majors, the actor that played Steve Austin, on TV, which isn’t often. And the when I see Lindsey Wagner, the actress that played Jaime Sommers, with a cameo on Warehouse 13, I wonder why they don’t make her a regular character. These character will always reside in a warm place in my heart and I found it quite wonderful to read a new story about them.

Overall, The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman Volume One: Artificial is a highly entertaining graphic novel starring two of television icons from the 1970’s. The story is well-told and the artwork rocks! I highly recommend this book to anyone that loved the original television series or someone looking for a different kind of superhero.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.