Batman / Tarzan Claws of the Cat-Woman # 1 NM Ron Marz Igor Kordey Dark Horse DC Comics


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Batman Tarzan Claws of the Catwoman (1999) #1
Published Sep 1999 by Dark Horse/DC.

by Ron Marz and Igor Kordey; cover by Dave Dorman Batman. Tarzan. Both are orphaned noblemen who have honed their minds and bodies to the peak of human performance. Both have sworn to protect their respective territories: for Tarzan, the jungle; for Batman, Gotham City. Now, a new evil has surfaced: one that will bring these two legendary heroes together for the first time; one that threatens both of their “jungles.” And all clues point to a mysterious female cat burglar and an archaeologist named Dent. Co-published with DC Comics.

Near mint condition. 1st print.