Batman Shadow of the Bat #88 NM No Man’s Land Greg Rucka Jurgens Poison Ivy


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Batman Shadow of the Bat (1992) #88
Batman No Man’s Land (part 27)
Published Aug 1999 by DC.

WRITTEN BY GREG RUCKA; ART BY DAN JURGENS AND BILL SIENKIEWICZ; PAINTED COVER BY GLEN ORBIK AND LAUREL BLECHMAN. The aftermath of the “Assembly” begins to take effect in Part 1 of the 3-part “Fruit of the Earth”! Since Gotham became a No Man’s Land, Poison Ivy has maintained control of Robinson Park, turning it into a botanical Eden. But now Clayface has invaded the park and threatens to destroy Ivy’s paradise. And unbeknownst to either villain, Batman and Robin need to retrieve something hidden deep beneath the park that could be the key to ending Gotham’s time as a “No Man’s Land.” FC, 32 PG.

Near mint condition. 1st print.