Batman Shadow of the Bat #87 NM No Man’s Land Greg Rucka Mike Deodato Jr Batgirl


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Batman Shadow of the Bat (1992) #87
Batman No Man’s Land (part 21)
Published Jul 1999 by DC.

Cover art by Brian Bolland. No Man’s Land: Claim Jumping Part Two, script by Greg Rucka, pencils by Mike Deodato, inks by Wayne Faucher; “Claim Jumping” concludes as the first major-stakes turf war in Gotham City is fought, with Two-Face trouncing Batman while Gordon and his “Blue Boys” advance into Penguin territory; Meanwhile, the new Batgirl–charged with protecting Batman’s territory–faces an agonizing choice; What she decides will dramatically change her relationship with Batman. Story continued from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #119. Part 2 of 2, Batman No Mans Land 21. 36 pgs.

Near mint condition. 1st print.