Batman No Man’s Land: Ground Zero # 0 NM Gorfinkel Greg Rucka Land Batgirl Cvr


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Batman No Man’s Land (1999) #0
Published Dec 1999 by DC.

Written by Jordan Gorfinkel and Greg Rucka; art by Greg Land and Drew Geraci; painted cover by Glen Orbik. Learn how the Huntress became the new Batgirl and what happened to Batman after the Cataclysm in a surprising extra-length one-shot! After Gotham City’s bridges were blown up, three months passed with no sign of the Dark Knight. Revealed here for the first time are the Huntress’s transformation into Batgirl; a globe-spanning journey that seemed to be Batman’s escape from a tragic reality; an unexpected player’s role in prompting Bruce Wayne’s return to Gotham; and more. FC, 64 pg.

Near mint condition. 1st print.