Batman / Judge Dredd Judgment on Gotham NM 4th print Alan Grant Wagner Simon Bisley


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Batman Judge Dredd Judgment on Gotham (1991) #1
Published Dec 1991 by DC.

4th Printing. DC’s Batman and Fleetway’s Judge Dredd must stop fighting long enough to face a menace that threatens both of their worlds. Prestige format, written by Alan Grant and John Wagner with art by Simon Bisley. Cover price $5.95.

In the first of the Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers, Judge Death has somehow found a way across the dimensions into Gotham City. For Judge Death, life itself was the source of all crime, and the sentence he inevitably passed was Death. Now, he had an entire new world waiting to be judged…

Judge Death, being dead himself, could not be killed. But luckily, Batman managed to force Death’s spirit from its host body, temporarily ending the conflict. While investigating the body, however, Batman inadvertently triggered the dimensional transport device Death had used, flinging him into Judge Dredd’s reality. Although the two tough crimefighters were bound to knock heads, they were forced to eventually join forces in order to stop Judge Death’s latest rampage.


Near mint condition. 4th printing.