Azrael Agent of the Bat #58 NM No Man’s Land Dennis O’Neil Roger Robinson


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Azrael Agent of the Bat (1995) #58
Day of Judgement (part 8)
Published Nov 1999 by DC.

WRITTEN BY DENNIS O’NEIL; ART AND COVER BY ROGER ROBINSON AND JAMES PASCOE The DAY OF JUDGMENT (Part 8) strikes “No Man’s Land”! As the demons of hell have been pushed up from below to the surface, Azrael comes face to face with his most feared demon ? St. Dumas! The founder of the Order of St. Dumas ? the being most directly responsible for Azrael’s strengths and weaknesses ? tempts the Angel of Vengeance during one of Gotham’s darkest days! FC, 32 PG.” Day of Judgment Cover.

Near mint condition. 1st print.