Avengers Poster #72 Original Thor Hulk Iron Man Ant Man Aleksi Briclot


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The Incredible Hulk! Mighty Thor! Invincible Iron Man! Ant Man! And the Wasp! The original Avengers! The first adventure featured the Asgardian god Loki seeking revenge against his brother Thor. Using an illusion, Loki tricked the Hulk into destroying a railroad track. He then diverted a radio call by Rick Jones for help to Thor, whom Loki hoped would battle the Hulk. Unknown to Loki, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man also answered the radio call. After an initial misunderstanding, the heroes united and defeated Loki after Thor was lured away by an illusion of the Hulk and suspected Loki when he realized it was an illusion. Ant-Man stated that the five worked well together and suggested they form a combined team; the Wasp named the group Avengers.

Near mint condition.