Avengers Poster #168 Ember, Living Laser and Whirlwind Marko Djurdjevic


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Juggernaut picks up the Hammer of Kurrth, which transforms him into Kurrth: Breaker of Stone. The transformation destroys the Raft completely. During the Raft’s destruction, Purple Man makes his escape. Some other inmates escape as well, including Ember, Living Laser and Whirlwind! A gifted research scientist with expertise in laser technology and a Ph.D in physics, Arthur Parks begins his criminal career using wrist-mounted laser projection units, and later implants miniature laser diodes into his skin which absorb energy. With the diode implants, Parks is capable of energy projection, light refraction for invisibility and illusion generation. Parks’s material body is eventually replaced by photons due to an overloading of the diode implants. By increasing the density of the photons comprising his form, Parks can achieve “solidity”; project photons as energy beams and create three-dimensional holographic images. The character also possesses limited telepathic abilities and can travel at light speed.

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