Avengers Poster #147 Academy Quicksilver Tigra Speedball Mike McKone


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The instructors of Avengers Academy: Justice, Speedball, Quicksilver, Wasp or Ant Man and Tigra! In the wake of the 2008–2009 “Dark Reign” storyline, it was discovered that Norman Osborn had manipulated several young super-powered people for his own purposes. Six of these teens are now placed in a program called the Avengers Academy located in the Infinite Avengers Mansion, headed by Henry Pym, with Tigra, Justice, Speedball, and Quicksilver as teachers. They say the purpose is to teach these youths how to become heroes. However, the students soon discover that they were selected because their profiles indicate they are the ones most likely to become villains. Tigra’s powers are the result of a combination of science, magic, and mental energy utilized by Dr. Joeanne Marie Tumulo and other Cat People. Her physical appearance is distinctly cat-like. A thick, sleek coat of orange fur with black stripes covers her entire body. She has pointed ears, sharper-than-normal teeth with pronounced upper and lower canines, eyes with enlarged irises and vertically slitted pupils, and retractable claws on her feet and hands instead of nails. Her claws and teeth are sufficiently strong to puncture sheet steel, such as that found in a car body. Tigra also has a long semi-prehensile tail, and can willfully contact (but not grasp and lift) objects with it. Tigra’s feline physiology grants her various superhuman attributes including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and resistance to physical injury. If she is injured, her physiology enables her to heal much faster and more extensively than an ordinary human is capable of. Tigra’s senses of sight, smell, and hearing extend far into the superhuman range and are also superior to those of ordinary cats. Tigra can see farther, and with much greater clarity, than an ordinary human. She has this same level of clarity at night, and her vision also extends slightly into the infrared spectrum, allowing her to see in complete darkness. Her hearing is similarly enhanced, allowing her to hear a wider range of frequencies than a normal human as well as clearly hear sounds that would be far too faint for a human to detect. Exposure to intense, high-frequency sound is far more painful for Tigra than a normal human, however. Tigra’s sense of smell is developed to the point that she can recognize a person by scent alone, and track an individual across great distances and through complex environments. She can also sense changes in a person’s mood through changes in scent.

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