Avengers Poster #128 The Sentry by Mike Deodato Jr Dark


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The Sentry’s (Robert “Bob” Reynolds) powers ostensibly derive from a serum that moves his molecules an instant ahead of the current timeline. This was designed to be a hundred thousand times stronger than the original used on Captain America, and was modified by Weapon X. However, in “The Age of the Sentry” mini-series, it is suggested that the Sentry is a sentient life-force, a refugee from another universe which attempted to break through to another one for its new home, and that this was merely accommodated by the serum. Although the character’s exact abilities and their limits are unknown, he has been shown to lift a Helicarrier (with assistance from Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man); effortlessly defeat and break the handle of the axe of Terrax, a herald of Galactus shown as powerful enough to slice planets in half (although at the time Sentry fought him, his full power level was not evident); severely pummel and nearly tear apart the female Ultron, and easily shatter shields of Doctor Doom. During the Sentry’s initial miniseries, Spider-Man, in a moment of reflection, recalls that the Sentry fought and stalemated Galactus at one point. He generally greatly restrains his full power, but when unleashing it he has even overloaded the Absorbing Man; and fought an extremely enraged Hulk for a prolonged time until both fighters reverted to their human forms, whereupon Reynolds collapsed. He possesses superhuman speed, making him easily able to evade or catch bullets; and through flight he can travel to the sun and back in a matter of minutes. The Sentry is also apparently invulnerable: Spider-Woman’s venom blasts, capable of killing even superhumans at full power, have no effect upon him. Nick Fury has stated that S.H.I.E.L.D. has not yet found a way to kill the Sentry, and Iron Man’s scanners have found no physical weaknesses in his body.

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