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AVENGERS VS. X-MEN: AVENGERS ACADEMY SC (MARVEL COMICS) AVX hits home for tomorrow’s Avengers and X-Men! The teenage mutants from Generation Hope and Utopia arrive at Avengers Academy — but as guests or prisoners? And have the Academy students switched sides in the war with the mutants? When Sebastian Shaw strikes, it may not matter! And when the Phoenix-powered Emma Frost comes for the school’s Sentinel, who will take a stand? Collecting Avengers Academy #29-33. [(W) Christos N. Gage, Rick Remender (A) Tom Grummett & Various (CA) Alan Davis] “Avengers vs X-Men” was a major event with slews of crossover issues for both titles and thier spin-offs. But one of the best of the bunch is this collection for “Avengers Academy.” It begins with the Avengers and Wolverine deciding to put the children of Wolverine’s school with the Academy for their safety. This of course leads to some conflict with several of the mutants not happy about being locked up and the mutant members of the Academy wanting to join them. There’s fun stuff such as when Hazmat is told she should agree being Japanese and she replies “My great-grandfaher was in an internment camp with a single room of three families. These kids have seperate quarters and their own Internet access.” Not helping is an amnesiac Sebastian Shaw, seen as a help by the X-Kids, going on a rampage with the Avengers thinking he’s out to kill the kids for revenge. There’s good stuff here like X-23 trying to find her place with her former friends and more of the conflict of others but light-hearted moments such as when mutant Loa uses her powers to allow Mettle to “surf” again, a great touch. Also funny is Hercules, who starts off in the nude for Olympics (Tigra: “How in three thousand years have you not figured out people wear clothes?”) and going over the top a lot in fights and talk. The finale makes sense and shows how, like any war, it’s the children who suffer over the adults doing what they want. The latter two issues have the now Phoenix-empowered Emma Frost coming to the Academy to destroy Juston’s pet Sentinel. It’s a moving bit of Juston not wanting to lose his friend, despite its anti-mutant programming and Frost coldly dealing with everyone. It also has X-23 making her final choice and a surprising aid from someone you’d think would never help a Sentinel. It also leads to a big finale that sets up the final story-arc of the book. As always, Gage nails the characters perfectly, thier desires and wants and fears and is aided by fine art by Tom Grummett that enhances the action scenes. So if you’re a fan of the book already, this is a key section to get but even newbies should admire how this uses the epic crossover well to show how the effects go beyond just the big two teams. Paperback: 112 pages. 1st printing.


Collects Avengers Academy 29-33. 1st printing. Near mint condition.