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Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10: New Avengers Paperback
by J. Michael Straczynski (Author), Mike Deodato (Illustrator)

Trump Tower has nothing on Spider-Man! Spinning out of the pages of New Avengers, you won’t believe what the fickle hand of fate has in store for Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Aunt May!

Collects Amazing Spider-Man #519-524.

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Marvel

J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato’s “Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 10: New Avengers” collects “Amazing Spider-Man” nos. 519-524. These stories follow Spider-Man’s joining the New Avengers, with Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Aunt May moving into Stark Tower following the events of the previous volume, “Skin Deep”. Spider-Man works to balance supporting Mary Jane’s acting career and helping the Avengers battle Hydra. Straczynski clearly revels in telling a fun story about the Avengers against the bad guys, with both Peter and Aunt May standing up to Wolverine’s behavior in the funniest way possible. The scenes of Aunt May with Captain America and Jarvis are a delight, though Peter mostly interacts with Tony Stark (setting the stage for the events of Civil War). Sadly, the other Avengers don’t receive much attention, but this book is primarily about Spidey and Straczynski’s writing is top-notch here. This has laugh-out-loud moments followed by great action and even a great scene at the end where Spidey reminds Cap of Bucky. Deodato continues to illustrate the stories gorgeously and I delight in his portrayal of Timothy Dalton as Tony Stark. This story helps to set up the events of the following volume, “The Other,” but the story does stand on its own and will delight fans of both Spidey and the Avengers.

Collects Amazing Spider-Man 519-524. Near mint, 1st print.