Age of Apocalypse Poster #11 vs Magneto by Andy Kubert X-Men


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In the reality of the Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295), Magneto founds this world’s X-Men after the death of his friend Charles Xavier, at the hands of Xavier’s own son David who traveled back in time to kill Magneto hoping to fulfill his “father’s greatest wish”. He and the X-Men fight against the forces of this world’s Apocalypse who, without the interference of Xavier, was able to take over North America. In this timeline, Magneto is married to his former protégé Rogue, and being able to touch due to his magnetic mastery over his own bio-aura, are able to have a son together who they name Charles, in honor of Xavier. Magneto and Charles are later personally captured by Apocalypse himself, though they are rescued by Rogue and the other X-Men, including Nate Grey, who raid Apocalypse’s citadel in a desperate final attempt to save all of reality from M’Kraan crystallization. As the X-Men use the M’Kraan Crystal to send Bishop back in time to return the timeline to its proper course, Magneto squares off in one last fight against Apocalypse.

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