Darkened Skye PC Adventure Game – includes box, game, instructions


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Darkened Skye PC Adventure Game – includes box, game, instructions. A real-time action/adventure game for teens and adults based around several of the popular and enigmatic Skittles: Taste the Rainbow fantasy television commercials. It features a level-based, third-person-shooter style of design, but also includes a rich story line and a healthy dose of adventure game-type puzzles. Skye, our heroine, fights and puzzles her way through 30 real-time levels. Gameplay within each level is open-ended, free-roaming and non-linear. Magic takes the place of high-tech weaponry in the frequent combat encounters, while cutting-edge humor replaces blood and gore. The game is rendered in beautiful, high fantasy style and the quest is serious but Skye and her companion, a mouthy little gargoyle named Draak, make a steady stream of irreverent observations that poke fun at gaming cliches, themselves and their hopeless quest. As much as Darkened Skye only exists to flog fruit-flavoured candy, it quickly becomes obvious that its creators had complete contempt for actually doing so. Its producer even went on the record to say that her response to being ordered to create a Skittles based game was, in about as many words, “You can fire me now, or not force me to do this,” followed by heading out to get drunk and toast the end of her career. Even after backing down and agreeing to take it on, the mission immediately became one of subversion rather than salesmanship, banking on M&M/Mars’ gaming inexperience to let them do their own thing. The exact quote from the above interview: “How can I get Skittles in the game without having… Skittles in the game?” The result is one of the most sarcastic, fourth-wall breaking, off-message games you’ll ever find, where the writers clearly decided that if they had to make this stupid thing, at the very least they were going to have some fun selling their souls. Try to walk into a dark cave near the start, and Skye promptly informs you “Yeah, I want to show up in the credits as Third Dead Teenager.” Inside, she and partner Draak mock a coded password as being indecipherable due to being written… backwards! For a nearby door, we get this exchange: DRAAK: “We can’t do this puzzle ’til later.” SKYE: “How do you know?” DRAAK: “I read the script. Uh. I mean, I had a sacred vision!” The snarking is constant, no matter how much the plot and other characters try to pretend there’s a serious core to the game, and nothing is spared Skye and Draak’s sarcastic scorn. Easily the best moment, and the one that defines the whole game, is in the second world, where Skye has to retrieve a green Skittles from the belly of a sea monster. She leaps in to get it, is spat back out in triumph, and promptly turns to the camera to announce: “A Skittles Mysteriously unaffected by centuries of digestive activity! See, Marketing didn’t want us to show a Skittles all narfed up from stomach juices, so they decided… I’ll shut up.” Includes box, 2 disks with original case, small map with keyboard layout on back, instructions. ISBN 0-671-31786-5.


Includes box, 2 disks with original case, small map with keyboard layout on back, instructions.