X-Men True Friends # 3 NM Claremont Leonardi Shadow King Phoenix Kitty Logan


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X-Men True Friends (1999) #3
Published Nov 1999 by Marvel.

cover by RICK LEONARDI & jimmy palmiotti CHRIS CLAREMONT/RICK LEONARDI/jimmy palmiotti

Wolverine guest-stars in the conclusion to a story that’s crucial not only to the history of the X-Men, but to its current line-up as well! The year: 1936. The setting: Edinburgh, Scotland. The set-up: Phoenix (Rachel Summers) is in the clutches of one of the X-Men’s most deadly foes, the Shadow King! Standing against him: Shadowcat! Kitty’s unexpected ally: Wolverine! But even more shocking than meeting Logan a half-century before they actually first meet is the fact that she could prevent the Holocaust… but to do so may mean the destruction of her future world- which is our present!

Near mint condition. 1st print.