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X-Men: The End Book Two: Heroes and Martyrs Paperback
by Chris Claremont (Author), Sean Chen (Illustrator)

Beginning the second of three books chronicling the final story of Marvel’s mutant heroes! The Xavier Academy has been reduced to a smoldering crater in a brutal sneak attack, and the casualties number in the hundreds. Now, Cyclops must mobilize the survivors to get to the bottom of who is behind these coordinated strikes on mutants in general and the X-Men in particular.

See what fate has in store for the X-Men.  What is behind the long-concealed link between Gambit and Mr. Sinister… and what will it mean for Gambit and Rogue’s children?

Collects X-Men: The End – Heroes and Martyrs #1-6.

Publisher Marvel (Jan 1, 2006)
Paperback 144 pages
ISBN-10 0785116915
Weight 11.2 ounces
Dimensions 6.75 x 0.5 x 10.25 inches

The first part of the X-Men: The End trilogy, “Dreamers and Demons”, was difficult to follow but baited the hook. In this second installment much of the confusion generated by the first is (thankfully) cleared up, and the artwork proves to be more consistently of a higher quality.

The X-Mansion has been reduced to a several-mile wide crater and the body count of our mutant heroes racks up, but in light of this catastrophe the X-Men regroup with a burning glint of vengeance in their eyes. The War-Skrulls press their hit-and-run terrorist strikes on Earth while the Brood sew the seeds of death in the far reaches of the Shi’ar Empire. The connection between Sinister and Gambit unfolds in its ultimate entirety, culminating in a brilliant battle between Sinister and his minions against Rogue, Gambit and a cadre of X-Men that alone makes this a necessary addition to any X-Men acolyte’s library.

The massive scope of the story line comes together much more cohesively than in volume one and the art is much cleaner, harkening to the glory-days of Jim Lee. Any fan of Marvel sci-fi will appreciate the myriad of extraterrestrial elements aligned against the X-Men (personally I am very much enjoying the concept of Lilandra as a devious, mentally unhinged despot). The finale given to Gambit, Sinister, Rogue and family is simply marvelous, and although I have always thought Rogue was cool, none of these three interested me much but their story here is an instant classic. This is by far the best X-Men writing Claremont has done since he returned to the X-universe.

Collects X-Men: The End – Heroes and Martyrs #1-6. Near mint, 1st print.