X-Men Poster #88 Cable Aliya Jenskot and Clan Chosen Art Thibert (Dawnsilk, Cable, Tetherblood and)


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2000 years in the future, in a world ruled by the evil mutant Apocalypse, a group known as the Sisterhood of the Askani was founded by Madame Sanctity in order to oppose Apocalypse. Eventually, the Sisterhood was destroyed by the New Canaanites. Cable, the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, gathered up the remnants of the Askani and formed them into a new team, Clan Chosen, which he eventually used to destroy the last remaining time machine in the future and send himself back to the early 21st century. His actions were thought to have destroyed Earth Askani, but according to Marvel’s Alternate Realities Handbook, it still exists as a divergent timeline.

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