X-Men Poster #82 Uncanny X-Men Poster by Joe Quesada (Gambit, Strong Guy, Wolverine and Cable!)


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Gambit, Strong Guy, Wolverine and Cable! Strong Guy possesses superhuman strength which he can increase by absorbing kinetic energy and use it to enhance his physical strength to an unmeasured limit. However, he cannot store the energy he absorbs for very long; as a rule he must physically expend the energy within 90 seconds to prevent it from permanently distorting his body. He is in constant pain from the existing distortion, although he hides it well, traditionally playing the role of team comedian to distract himself. Guido also possesses superhuman stamina and durability. An unusual percentage of his body mass is stored in the upper half of his body, causing him to appear top-heavy and thus very imposing. Strong Guy’s powers first appeared after being beaten by bullies and hit by a bus; unable to expel the energy, his body was permanently warped. Strong Guy’s maximum strength level is such that he has sufficient power to move the Blob, or briefly stand toe to toe with the Hulk, although the latter’s rage enhanced strength was so powerful that the energy of channeling merely one blow put Strong Guy in danger of a heart attack afterwards. Guido is formidable at street fighting-style hand-to-hand combat.

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