X-Men Poster #163 Psylocke Wolverine Bishop Storm Phoenix Chris Bachalo


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Cover to Uncanny X-Men 467. Storm, Bishop, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Marvel Girl! (Anybody know what that robotic dog thing is?) CHRIS BACHALO is internationally recognized as one of the most popular artists in the comic industry. His body of work covers a wide spectrum of genres ranging from the critically acclaimed “Sandman,” “Shade,” “Death, The High Cost of Living” and “Batman” series for DC to “Incredible Hulk,” “Uncanny X-Men,” “The Amazing Spider-man,” “Captain America” and the quirky pop favorite “Generation X,” which he co-created with Scott Lobdell for Marvel Comics. I have a smaller (and cheaper) version of this image. Look for X-Men Pin-up #63!

Near mint condition.