X-Men Poster #154 Rogue vs Ms Marvel Uncanny 269 Avengers Jim Lee


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Rogue and Carol Danvers have a long and complicated history. When Mystique debuted her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Pyro, Blob and Avalanche), Destiny advised her to keep Rogue out of the action, advice which proved important when several members of the new Brotherhood — including Destiny herself — were arrested and imprisoned. Rogue ultimately confronted Ms. Marvel on her front doorstep as she was returning home from grocery shopping and deliberately absorbed her powers. Something went wrong as Ms. Marvel fought too hard and too long. The transfer of psyche and all powers became permanent. The shock of absorbing such a formidable persona drove Rogue insane and she attempted to kill Ms. Marvel by throwing her off the Golden Gate Bridge. Unbeknownst to Rogue, Ms. Marvel was saved from the fall by the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. Ms. Marvel was comatose for a short period of time before her memories without the emotional attachments were restored by Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men. Rogue later felt tremendous guilt over the incident and it still haunts her to this day. However, she battled the Avengers as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants using her newly acquired powers.

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