X-Men Poster #137 New X-Men Frank Quitely Cyclops Professor X


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Beast, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops and Emma Frost – the New X-Men! X-Men had its title changed at this time to New X-Men and new writer Grant Morrison took over. This era is often referred to as the Morrison-era, due to the drastic changes he made to the series, beginning with “E Is For Extinction,” where a new villainess, Cassandra Nova, destroys Genosha, killing sixteen million mutants. Morrison also brought reformed ex-villainess Emma Frost into the primary X-Men team, and opened the doors of the school by having Xavier “out” himself to the public about being a mutant. The bright spandex costumes that had become iconic over the previous decades were also gone, replaced by black leather street clothes reminiscent of the uniforms of the X-Men movies.

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