X-Men Poster #101 Mike Deodato Jr Captain Britain Angel X-23 Fantomex


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Angel, Magneto, Cannonball, Lockheed, Psylocke, Cable, X-23, Northstar, Stepford Cuckoo’s, Fantomex, Captain Britain and Mystique! An industry veteran for well over 25 years, Mike Deodato Jr.’s work has graced, among many others, ELEKTRA, AVENGERS, THOR, PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL, NEW AVENGERS, HULK, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SQUADRON SUPREME and THUNDERBOLTS. Mike has been a solid voice in mainstream American comics for a quarter century. He has worked for nearly every comic company and on almost every major comic character in some way or another and changed his style of art a number of times. His current work blends his ’80s style touches of his ’90s vibe for an effective, gritty look.

Near mint condition.