X-Men Pin-up FRAMED #45 Strong Guy Guido X-Factor Paul Smith


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Guido was invited to join a new government-sponsored mutant team which took the name X-Factor. He dubbed himself “Strong Guy” during a press conference and soon became a media darling. As Strong Guy, Guido served in X-Factor for many months, until one battle against aliens who were after Lila Cheney. He threw his body on a bomb, absorbing the blast at the cost of overexerting his mutant powers. His body grew to such a point that he suffered a massive heart attack. Rendered comatose, Strong Guy spent several months in recuperation. Eventually, he recovered, but X-Factor at that time had dissolved its government ties, and Guido retired from full-time crime-fighting.

Frame is shrinkwrapped until time of purchase. Ships boxed with packing peanuts.